Oil Information

2020 edition - expires 31 January 2021

July 2020: Release of final 2020 edition

This service contains annual time series of oil data including oil supply and consumption, trade and oil demand for 148 countries and 24 regions.

Expanded product description

New !! (July 2020): Release of final 2020 edition.

The Oil Information 2020 data service contains time series of oil data for 36 OECD countries from 1960 to 2019. Country aggregates for OECD Total, OECD Americas, OECD Asia Oceania, OECD Europe and IEA 30 are also included.

Statistics are available for detailed supply/demand balances, end-use consumption, trade by origin and destination as well as for stock levels and changes. Annual Oil Statistics (AOS) contains data in thousand tonnes for crude oil, NGL, and 17 petroleum products.

Some major series for oil demand and supply for the world and regional aggregates are also included up to 2019 based on preliminary data.

The service contains 6 files:

OECD crude supply, OECD product supply and consumption, OECD imports, OECD exports, OECD conversion factors, World oil statistics

OECD Statistics

Detailed supply/demand balances, end-use consumption by sector, trade by origin and destination for 170 origins and 168 destinations as well as stock levels are available for crude oil, NGL, and 17 petroleum products for OECD countries.

Data are in thousand tonnes, with conversion factors to barrels provided in the file "OECD conversion factors".

World Oil Statistics

The file contains time series for 1971 to 2018 for the World, 148 countries and 24 regional aggregates on crude oil and NGL production, trade total refinery output, and oil demand split in 11 product categories.

Estimates for World crude and NGL production and total oil demand are provided for 2019. Data are expressed in kilo tonnes and in kilo barrels per day.


The service is updated twice a year - in April with complete data up to year-2 and in July/August with additional provisional supply data for the year-1.


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