Energy Efficiency Indicators (2017 edition)

New!! First edition of this online data service

Expires 30 November 2018

This data service contains a comprehensive set of efficiency indicators for the residential, services, industry and transports sectors in IEA member countries.

New!! (December 2017): The first edition of this online data service.

The Energy Efficiency Indicators database contains annual data from 2000 to 2015, covering end use energy consumption for 8 energy products, end use energy efficiency indicators, and carbon intensity indicators for 4 sectors (residential, services, industry and transport) for the IEA member countries. The indicators are computed by using key sectorial activity data, for example, passenger kilometre energy intensity by mode/vehicle type (MJ/pkm).

The Energy Efficiency Indicators database is available in two versions: the extended version (paid) is more comprehensive and includes the disaggregation of end use energy consumption by energy product, as well as end use efficiency and carbon indicators for all the years between 2000 and 2015. The short version (free) contains only total final energy consumption by end use, comprehends fewer end uses, and presents data for selected years, with the indicators indexed to the year 2000. Please download the free short version here

Please note that part of the extended version of the Energy Efficiency Indicators database will be sent by e-mail after purchase, and cannot be downloaded using a data card.

Full Product Description (2017 edition)

The service will be updated once a year in December.

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