World Energy Balances

2020 edition - expires 31 January 2021

July 2020: Release of final 2020 edition

This data service contains energy balances for over 180 countries and regions.

New!! July 2020:
Release of final 2020 edition


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The World Energy Balances online data service contains energy balances for over 180 countries and regions. The figures are expressed in thousand tonnes of oil equivalent (ktoe) and in terajoules. Conversion factors used to calculate energy balances and indicators (including GDP, population, industrial production index and ratios calculated with the energy data) are also provided.  The database also includes transparent notes on methodologies and sources for country-level data. In general, the data are available from 1971 (1960 for OECD countries).

This service is updated three times a year with a progressively broader geographical coverage – in February, April and July - the final edition with global data.


The World 2020 final edition includes complete annual data for 186 countries, regional aggregates and world: for 1960-2018 for OECD countries and regions; and 1971-2018 for non-OECD countries and regions; world. It also includes provisional energy supply and electricity generation data for 2019 (selected countries). In a continuous effort to provide users with more timely data, the 2020 edition of IEA’s World energy balances has been expanded to increase data coverage for the most recent (2019) year:

  • Coverage of total electricity generation by product has been extended, now including 43 non-OECD countries and additional regional aggregates such as the European Union and the IEA Family; with nuclear generation now available for all countries and regional aggregates.
  • Coverage of imports and exports of crude oil and oil products is complete for Brazil; People’s Republic of China; India; and Hong Kong, China; with data for imports and exports of crude oil also available for another 38 non-OECD countries and some regional aggregates, such as European Union and G8.
  • Coverage for peat, peat products and oil shale supply-side data has been extended to cover all countries and regional aggregates.

Additionally, the dataset has been expanded to include gross calorific values for natural gas for all countries where applicable and energy productivity indicators (GDP/TES) for all countries and regions.

Expanded Product Description - World (published July 2020)


In an effort to provide users with more timely information, with the April 2020 edition of the World Energy Balances database the IEA is releasing balances for all OECD countries; all IEA Family countries (including IEA members, Association and Accession countries), as well as for any other country for which data up to 2018 have been already received and validated.

Expanded Product Description – IEA family and beyond (published April 2020)


For energy consumption by end use please see the Energy Efficiency Indicators database.


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