IEA Data Services Technical Requirements

If this is your first visit, please read the following information and note that you must register before purchasing or accessing any of the IEA Data Services. 

IEA Data Services website

The IEA Data Services website uses software provided by Beyond to allow two ways to access IEA data.  You can download entire datasets provided in a data service access subscription, or you can query datasets online using a data card access subscription.

If you have a Windows-based machine, you can download and install the Beyond cube browser which can be used to work with datasets downloaded from our website.

Note however, the Beyond cube browser can only be installed on Windows-based systems, it cannot be installed on non-Windows systems such as Apple OS/X or UNIX/Linux. 

IEA Data Services Payments website

You can use this website to automate access to the IEA Data Services website.  We provide two subscription options to access the data.  Note these options may be combined if you wish.

Data Card Subscriptions

Purchase Data Cards containing a number of data points. You can then use these cards to query all the annual and quarterly databases. There are 3 denominations available for purchase: 1000, 2000 and 5000 data points. By purchasing one or more of these cards, you will be able to access data points from all the on-line annual and quarterly IEA databases as well as the Monthly Gas Data service (but not the Monthly Oil Data Service nor the CO2 emission factors from electricity generation). Please note there is no use-by date for data cards. Expiration occurs when the balance on your card is zero.  Typically you would use this option if you don't have access to a Windows-based computer, of if you only require a small subset of data from one or more datasets.

Data Services Subscriptions

You buy a data services subscription to access one or several databases.  You may either use or download the Beyond 20/20 browser which offers many different facilities to view the data (tables, graphs, charts).  To access the data you have the option of downloading that data on to your computer or you can access the data directly online until the expiry date of the individual database. 








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